Technical service warm heart helps fish in winter

Technical service warm heart helps fish in winter

仡 乡 Red farm small fish (picture source: 川 县 委 战 部) China Taiwan Net November 17th, the winter is coming, the temperature drop. The relevant departments of the Guizhou Provincial Shengshi County Committee (County Taiwan Affairs Office) have repeatedly conducting technical guidance for the red farm of Taiwan-funded enterprises in Jinhai-saving pilot, focusing on improving agricultural modern service capabilities. Provide technical assistance that is capable of

  Since September this year, Jinhai squid has quickly adapted to the Watery water quality environment. Under the red farm in the Township Red Farm, it has started the small fish seedlings of the large-scale young seedlings in the beginning of the small donkey.

Due to the local never experienced experience in gold sea bream, how to break through the technical problems of the fish safe and winter, become the cultured projects of the Red Rat fish farm and Taiwan-funded enterprises Zhuhai Shida Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Can not develop high quality The essential.

The Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Agricultural Rural Areas, the county agricultural rural bureau, have repeatedly conducting technical guidance on the red farm in the Township of the Township, which fully grasped the changes in the climate environment of the region and the conditions of water quality. Growth habits and Zhuhai company have experience in the establishment of thermos well in the fish farm to ensure a warm growth environment in cold winter in the cold winter.

  The person in charge of the Ministry of War of the Sichuan County (County Office) said that the next step will continue to coordinate the technical department of the county agricultural rural bureau to serve the whole process of the production and sales of the Hongjinhai squid production and sales, ensuring that the Taiwan-funded cooperation project attracted by the investment can be Tuanchuan landed, promoting Taiwan-funded enterprises to realize high quality development in Tuanchuan.

(China’s Taiwan Network, the Ministry of War of the Sagaw County, China) [Editor: Guo Bi Juan].

Shanxi issued a "Government Special Bond Project Fund Performance Management Measures"

Shanxi issued a "Government Special Bond Project Fund Performance Management Measures"

Recently, in order to strengthen the funding performance management of local government special bond projects, improve the use of special bond funds, effectively prevent government debt risks, combined with the actual situation of our province, the Provincial Department of Finance issued the "Government Special Bond Project Fund Performance Management Measures" (hereinafter referred to as " Method").

The "Measures" pointed out that the government’s special bond project fund performance management passes the performance concept into special bonds "borrow, use, management," borrow, use, management, performance operation, performance evaluation, performance target management, performance operation monitoring, performance evaluation management, evaluation results application, etc. The full life cycle, the new special bonds, refinance special bonds, stock special bonds, and the project construction period and operation period, etc., promote special bonds and performance management integration, and focus on improving special bond fund configuration efficiency and use Benefits, improve special bond project management, complement special bond full life cycle management performance short board, the whole article of this "Measures" is divided into four chapters.

The "Measures" combined with the status quo of special bond management of our province, highlighting the two features of "Project Library Management" and "Informatization Management".

On the one hand, closely combined with the actual management of the project library management, the performance management of all aspects of the special bond project is reserved, prepared, and the "four library" management seamlessly, and performance management is synchronized with the project cycle management; on the other hand, highlight Improve the level of information management, relying on budget management integrated system, local government debt management system, local government debt information open platform, etc. Supervision. "Measures" always adhere to the goals, problems and results three orientations, focus on special bond project funds implementation performance. That is, adhere to the target orientation, set the performance target as a predecessor of special bond funds, strengthen performance target review, clear the target value and risk point of special bond funds; adhere to the problem-oriented, establish special bond project fund performance tracking monitoring mechanism, Find weak links in project implementation and capital use, timely correct bias; adhere to the lead orientation, establish a prize punishment and accountability mechanism, and adjust the performance evaluation results as a special bond quota distribution and financial subsidization fund allocation adjustment factors, strengthen performance evaluation Result application.

In addition, the "Measures" have refined and clearly refined and clearly refined and clear of special bond performance management, and clarifying the pre-performance assessment of special bond projects, performance target management, performance operation monitoring, performance evaluation management. The evaluation results apply the five major links, improve the full process management chain of special bonds, and promote special bond performance management synergies and efficient. (Reporter Ren Zhixia) (Editor: Sang Liyuan, Zhao Fang) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Service entity economic enhancement development toughness

Service entity economic enhancement development toughness

  October 20th to 22nd, 2021 Financial Street Forum was held in Beijing.Focusing on "Economic Toughness and Finance as" this theme, 5 parallel forums, 35 topics intensive exchanges, special activities, special exhibitions, multi-field clubs and series activities are exciting.Through the line on the line, more than 400 Chinese and foreign guests go deep into the collision, and the financial innovation development and exchange cooperation.On the forum, "RMB exchange rate will maintain basic stability at reasonable balance" boost market, enhance confidence.

3 days, the various activities of the Forum Annual Meeting have been successfully completed, and a number of important results are obtained. Supporting small and micro enterprises, developing Pu Hui Finance This year, in the face of complex and variable international situations, my country’s economy exhibits strong toughness.

  "Socialist Market Economic System Mechanism is the source and fundamental guarantee of my country’s economic toughness.

"The People’s Bank of China believes that my country has a large economic scale, complete economic structure, continuous economic structure, and continuous technical innovation. He said that the current market body is more than 40 million supported market subjects. Households, this is a highlight of the China economy. The Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission is full, accelerating the complementary function complementary, organic contact multi-level equity market system, meets the financing needs of different types, different development stage, is an enhanced finance Inherent requirements for entity economic adhesion.

  "Financial institutions help to create strong national construction, not only to adhere to the service entity, return to the source of the source, is the inevitable choice for market opportunities and promote its own high quality development." The Director of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, introduced the Industrial and Commercial Bank in the first half of this year. The first manufacturing loan balance exceeded 2 trillion yuan, and the manufacturing industry chain financing maintained more than 30% in two consecutive years.

  Xu Ming, chairman of the National Share Company, Chairman of the Beijing Stock Exchange, said that the Beijing Stock Exchange will focus on this subject of SMEs, continuously deepen reform, optimization services, and build financial services systems covering the full chain of SMEs, explore capital The "China Program" of the Market Development Popular Finance.

  Financial transformation and innovation, help high-quality development green low-carbon, financial science and technology, rural revitalization … In the multi-game parallel forum, surrounding financial power to high quality development, and guests have suggested.

  Chen Yului, deputy director of the People’s Bank of China, introduced that in 2020, China’s clean energy consumption consumption increased by 1 percentage point in 2019, indicating that China still adheres to the main tone of green development during the response to the epidemic.

Up to now, China’s green loan balance is close to 14 trillion yuan, and the size of green bonds is close to 1 trillion yuan, ranking in the forefront of the world. Chen Bo Wen, Thailand, Thailand, said that China has become a global leader in environmentally friendly and sustainable development.

Uviv Frilidge, a joint-chief executive officer of German Central Cooperation Bank, believes that China has achieved great achievements in green and sustainable development.

  "Financial empowerment rural resolution is available, big.

Xia Thaisheng, deputy director of the National Rural Revitalization Bureau, believes that the financial industry can play an important role in consolidating the expansion of poverty results, empowering rural industries, rural construction, rural governance.

  "Financial Science and Technology has become an important driving force for high quality development in the capital market.

"Zhao Zhengping, Party Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Vice President, said that based on the new development stage, the Securities Regulatory Commission will accelerate the integration of science and technology and business, and will cooperate with all parties parties to the capital market to promote financial science and technology innovation and digital transformation." The scientific and technological industry, promoting the depth integration of scientific and technological innovation and capital markets, is the Beijing Construction International Science and Technology Innovation Center, improve the national financial management center function, and promote the quality of the capital economy. Yin Yong, member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, and Vice Mayor, said that Beijing will actively build a good ecology for financial science and technology in capital markets, surrounding the development of financial science and technology industries, expanding digital financial application scenarios, and improving financial science and technology supervision mechanisms and adhering to financial risks The bottom line 4 advances related work.

  In-depth implementation of trade revenue and payment; continue to carry out pilot pilot of multinational corporations; accelerate the promotion of digital RMB pilots to achieve the full coverage; enhance cross-border trade and investment liberalization, convenience in Beijing … Oct 22 On the afternoon, the 2021 Financial Street Forum Annual Meeting held a special event, the People’s Bank of China, the China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange issued more than 10 financial support policies, helping Beijing high quality development. Adhere to the bottom line thinking, do risk prevention and control, compared with last year, the annual meeting of this year has increased the arrangements such as financial rule of law, incorporating the "governance system and financial security" parallel plate. Sun Qian, member of the Party Group and Vice Inspector of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, said that the current and future procuratorates must highlight key punishment of severe financial crimes in the future, and deepen administrative law enforcement and criminal justice.

  "To pay more attention to systematic, overall, synergy of financial rule of law, with good way to protect the health and sustainable development of financial industry.

Liu Wei, member of the Party Group of the Ministry of Justice, said that it is necessary to deal with the relationship between development and safety, and hold the bottom line of systemic financial risks. At present, the Ministry of Justice will be accelerated by the People’s Bank of the Non-bank payment institutional management regulations. Formulate work to improve the regulatory rules of third-party payment institutions. Cai Hui, Party Secretary, Dean of Beijing Financial Court, believe that realization of good laws in the financial sector, need legislation, law enforcement, judicial and other departments, and engage in financial rule of law theory and practice Students who study, the majority of financial industry practitioners and community communities and communities need to strengthen domestic international exchange, actively participate in the construction of new international financial order. Chinese People’s Bank of China, Director Pan Gongzheng, Director of the State Administration of China, said with the previous round Compared with the US economy, the current China economy is in a better cycle, and the domestic and stable economic fundamental will be the basis for the external impact of China’s foreign exchange market. "It is expected that China’s foreign exchange market is subject to this round of US fabric policy steering. Control, China’s cross-border capital is expected to continue bidirectional flow, and the RMB exchange rate will remain fundamentally stable at reasonable equilibrium levels.


Tongji 72-year-old retired professor made hard core science every day by 12 million hawning netizens reminded more than 72 years old – News

Tongji 72-year-old retired professor made hard core science every day by 12 million hawning netizens reminded more than 72 years old – News

  "Science" fire, in the shake, more than 56 million people have seen her science short video, and even parents have their own children "chasing" her interest physics experiment.

Behind the data is a 72-year-old physician, Wu Yes, a few decades, such as one day.

  Before retired, Wu Yiren served as the Director of the Physical Demonstration Laboratory of Tongji University and the director of the Teaching and Research Office.

It is noted that many students are good at doing, but they have less interest to physics itself. Wu Yes began consciousness in the course explanation, the experimental design increases the content of "grounding" in the experimental design to stimulate students’ curiosity and exploration of physics. want.

Since then, she promotes the openness of Tongji University’s physical laboratory for primary and secondary school students, the purpose is to let more children fall in love with physics.

  After leaving the campus, 2018, Wu Yes and old colleagues, students tried to pass short video science physics knowledge. The shake account "does not brush" becomes her new science podium. A one-minute video, she often takes two hours. In addition to humorous explanations, Wu Ye people have the understanding of physical principles and the understanding of audience.

Some netizens mentioned in the comments that if they were young, there were teachers like Wu Yu, perhaps would not be so afraid of physics. But Wu Yiren said: "Nothing is not too late, the charm of understanding science is never too late.

"The origin is physically, interested is the best teacher" the physics, love science, and the child "is the introduction of the homepage of" do not brush ", and Wu Yam has experienced a true portrayal of the past few decades. For her, Falling in love with science seems to be a matter of natural. Wu Yin’s father is the first generation of new China, usually the mysterious and busy, only Sunday can stay in a few hours to go home to accompany family.

However, it is also in this week, and the father has opened the door for physics and science for young Wu Yans. Wu Yu people recalled that in the childhood, he and your brother often observed under the leadership of the father, thinking about everything around him.

Why do dumplings float when boiling dumplings? Why can’t you fall in the glass? When washing socks, is it a brain to wash in soap water, or a piece of block washed cleared? These others seem to be empty, but the beginning of her and your brother. Under such a curious heart, Wu Yam has chosen physical majors after growing, and begins to explore the movement law in the experiment.

In Wu Yemuth, interest is the best teacher. However, when Tongji University taught "University Physics", Wu Yu people found that many students not only don’t talk about this discipline, but even some "fear". They may be good at doing questions, but there is no enthusiasm for scientific exploration.

Wu Yu people want to change this situation, the first thing is to identify the root of the problem. Combined with teaching practice and personal experience, Wu Hao believes that the lack of curiosity of the objective world may be the reason for this phenomenon. As a result, she is interested in the choice and layout of the experimental equipment, and has also built a physical exploration laboratory with colleagues. Many students will regain pure fun of scientific exploration.

  In 2007, under the support of Tongji University, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Education Committee guided Wu Yao and others founded the Physics Practice Workstation of the Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Talent Training Base Tongji University. Heart is a child, and youth popular science can also be very hard to learn the popularity of physics.

Unlike college students who have accepted systemic learning, children in the youth have not formed their minds, and it is when it is curious. Good science content is not only able to nourish the life of children, but also to stimulate their "scientist dreams", leaving fire in their future development. In 2018, Wu Ye who had retired Wu Yao and the students were led by the top ten professors, and the Ph.D. did not brush the club. In April of the same year, the club began to update the shake account "Do not brush", explore the science in the form of short video. Soon, with the "brain hole" props, the interesting history of the fun, the explanation of the sound, Wu Yiren went to the red jimmy, became a "scientific embarrassment" that was familiar with 1.22 million fans.

  Wu Yu people in short video, one silver hair, laughing will show two tiger teeth. In her hand, eggs, drying racks, coins … and unusual supplies may become experimental equipment for mechanics and electrical experiments. Some time ago, Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft successfully launched.

Many children are therefore curious: How did the Rocket fly on? In order to answer this question, Wu Yes specially filmed the first phase of the video, through the blowing ball, let everyone know the speed of the rocket flying in the rocket burning reaction force; then use the liquid nitrogen to spray the experiment, let the children can intuitive Feeling how much fuel takes a breakthrough of the first universe.

  Netizens who are familiar with "Don’t Brush" account noted that although Wu Yao’s explanation always goes deep out, it is easy to understand, but in the choice of knowledge points, she is not limited, and she will not be limited to the children. Deliberately select simple content.

In a short video about "How long is there in a second, Wu Yao first explains why it takes high precision time scale, and then introduces the latest international" second "to the latest definition: 铯 铯 海The two super fine energy levels of the CS133 atom-based state, the transition oscillation of 9192631770 cycles in the zero magnetic field. Netizens, especially children, will not understand this professional complex academic definition? Wu Yu people are not worried, and the repurns of the commentary area also fully demonstrate the popularity of hard core content in short video platforms.

Finally, Wu Yao left a question: Why is the "Beijing Time" Time Center built in Shaanxi Linyi instead of Beijing? More than 4,500 netizens participated in interaction in the comment area, "Close to China’s geographic center, the transfer error as possible", "" High-precision instrument should consider the influence of ground vibration, "perhaps, perhaps based on stability ? "… Different people have different thinking dimensions, and the answer may not be completely accurate, but it is clear that everyone will begin to seriously think about this problem. Some people will not understand, just as Wu Yamao’s reply: "Science to, understand it.

"Turning the network, becoming 1.2 million fans," Science "now, Wu Yao, the average of three videos, determine the theme, write scripts, select the experiment … She is almost all kinds of pro, sometimes she needs homemade" teaching "When some principles did not know how to explain, Wu Yao will pull on the old colleagues to discuss. In order to ensure the accuracy of science, she specially invited the team’s young people to make a phrase, except Recalled what you have to talk about, and did you use the parentheses to do what action. Wu Yam’s short video collected named "Science", stem from the name of the reality to her. Many students she brought over the past Have a family has a child, and the children are used to calling Wu Yao’s "".

Usually meet, Wu Yu people like to take out toys to take them together to do experiments, long time, "scientific" prefixed before "". Now, this styling continues on a short video platform, millions of fans have also begun to like this "scientific". Up to now, "don’t brush" account has accumulated 1220,000 fans, got 3.68 million.

In addition to "science", more and more natural science content began to go into the short video platform. The public data shows that in the past year, only the shake platform is only 33 billion times, and the 700 million people are praised by the relevant works. Among the natural science content categories most concerned about netizens, physical is home to the top five.

I have made countless people’s headache, scared disciplines, is becoming more and more people like to see content.

Source: Xinhuanet related hot word search:.

TSMC has confirmed that Kaohsiung is factory, Taiwan users worry about housing prices.

TSMC has confirmed that Kaohsiung is factory, Taiwan users worry about housing prices.

  The semiconductor foundry leader Taiwan has been repeatedly passed forward to Kaohsiung, which last night, finally officially booked and confirmed that in Kaohsiung, the wallery plant produced by 7 nanometers and 28 nanometers, many netizens after the news, many netizens are hot This matter, many people shouted "Kaohsiung’s real money", "Kaohsiung sent a big fortune, and the high-tech people in the room have to laugh." But there are also netizens worried that the housing prices are therefore high, and I am sighing "I don’t have to buy a house."

  The 9th resolution 9th, the approved company will provide a factory to the Kaohsiung Municipal Government, and it is expected to establish a wallery of 7 nanometers and 28-nanometers in Kaohsiung, and will start working in 2022, in 20024 . Chen Qi Mai said that Welcome Taiwan’s power supply continues to deeply cultivate Taiwan, the municipal team uses tight spirit, breaking through the difficulties and restrictions in the layers, and it is impossible to be possible, "putting the refining plant".

  Many netizens feel quite excited about the news of Kaohsiung, TSMP, many people say "Gao Xionnet ‘s big fortune", "issued a lot of money".

But some people think that "Kaohsiung real estate will officially start the era", "I don’t have to buy a house", "Kaohsiung has a room with a room", "I didn’t expect it to come, the price will come back". Source: Taiwan Medium News Network Article Source: Taiwan Medium News Network Editor: Li Xin.

The United States also took the Russian anti-satellite weapon test "said things", experts: The United States is actually the country in which this kind of weapon trial is

The United States also took the Russian anti-satellite weapon test "said things", experts: The United States is actually the country in which this kind of weapon trial is

  [Global Times Special Reporter Li Qiang] According to the American Cable News Network (CNN), the US Space Command said that Russia tried a direct riser anti-satellite (DA-ASAT) missile on the 15th, hit one Russian domestic satellite and generates more than 1,500 trackable track debris on the nearland track.

So, what are the characteristics of this rising anti-satellite missile, the anti-satellite of the world’s military big country, what is the direct rising anti-satellite weapon according to the "Safety World Foundation" released "Global Anti-space Capability Year Report" Currently by kinetic or non-dynamic weapons of space systems. Dynamic anti-satellite refers to direct contact to destroy the satellite, such as using a direct collision kinetic energy to kill the battle or explosive battle. And non-dynamic weapons include laser, directional energy and microwave weapons.

In addition, anti-satellite weapons include electronic interference, cyber attacks, and these two types belong to soft anti-satellite weapons. American Strategic and International Problem Research Center (CSIS) Reported "Space Threat Assessment Report" in 2020 points out that anti-space weapons are divided into four categories: kinetic energy physics, non-dynamic physics, electronic attacks and network attack weapons. The first two are hard killing, and the latter is a soft killing weapon. Among them, the dynamic physical attack is designed to physically destroy space or terrestrial space assets.

They are usually divided into three categories: direct rising attacks, common rail attacks and ground station attacks.

Directly rising weapons can "use trajectories that intersect the target satellite without the use of interceptors into the track."

A commonly targeted anti-satellite weapon is an attack using another satellite on the track. Attack satellite is first sent to the track, then the machine will enter the interception orbit. This kind of attack requires an advanced star-load guidance system to successfully guide the track where the target satellite is located.

The common rail attack can be "space thunder" with a small amount of explosives, which runs along the track of the target satellite and explodes within the scope of action.

Another common rail attack method is to use a robotic arm to grasp another satellite, so that it is detached from the running track.

In this report, from the 1960s to the 1980s, the Soviet Union developed a common rail against the satellite weapon system, which tracks the goal and passing through a series of mobile arrival targets for tens of meters.

Then, the attack satellite will detonate explosives. After approximately ten years of test, the system announced in 1973 to start operation. The ground station attack is a variety of ground stations for attacks for controlling to protect satellites. Non-dynamic physical attacks refer to physical damage to the satellite without any direct contact.

Non-dynamic physical attacks can be divided into electromagnetic pulses, high power lasers, and high power microwaves. Electronic attacks include interference and deception of two forms.

Network attacks can be used to intercept data, destroy data or seize system control. The difference is that electronic attacks interfere with data transmission through RF signals, while network attacks use the data itself and the system using the data.

  What are the differences in anti-defense and anti-guides in recent years, and direct riser anti-satellite weapons are often mentioned.

In the United States, India has also been related experiments or actual intercepts. In fact, this is no longer the first time to accuse Russia’s rising anti-satellite test.

In April last year, the US Space Command accused Russia conducted a foundation directly rising anti-satellite (DA-ASAT) weapon test on the 15th of the month.

According to analysis, the weapon that test may be "Nodu" anti-missile. It is believed that it is the 9th or 10th test of the system 2014.

  Zhang Xuefeng, China Military Expert, said the "Nodu" missile is a interceptor of the Russian A-235 anti-missile system, according to Russian, mainly used to implement anti-guidance outside the atmosphere. Compared to commonly rising anti-satellite weapons, directly rising anti-satellite weapons, do not need to enter the track of the target satellite, there is less mobile, and it is time consuming. Zhang Xuefeng said that the direct riser anti-satellite weapon and mid-stage anti-guiding system can intercepting the middle paragraph of Intercontinental ballistic missiles basically intercepts near-way track satellites.

In general, the ballistic vertex of Intercontinental ballistic missiles exceeds 1000 kilometers, intercepting at least 100 kilometers of interception heights of intercepting intercontinental missiles.

Despite the reports of direct rising anti-satellite weapons to intercept high orbit satellites, most direct rising anti-satellite weapons are mainly satellites below 1,000 kilometers.

These similar points are determined, and a set of weapons systems can complete the task of intercepting near-way track satellites and medium remote ballistic missiles.

  The United States is actually a thief, thief, although the United States often takes the anti-satellite weapon test "say something", but if you put it on your own or allies, it is another thing.

The United States is actually the first country in which direct rising anti-satellite weapons tests can be said that such weapons are inventions and definitions.

As early as September 13, 1984, a F-15A fighter used ASM-135A anti-satellite missiles destroyed the "solar wind" P78-1 satellite. Zhang Xuefeng said that although the anti-satellite test of the United States has been interrupted for a while, most of its secondary anti-missile systems have anti-satellite capabilities.

On February 21, 2008, the United States "Lake Yili" Zeous Shield ship uses "Standard-3" interception to bring up to enter the atmosphere, located at approximately 247 kilometers of highly scrap satellite USA-193. And the "standard -3" is one of the low capabilities in the US mid-section anti-missile system.

The mid-stage anti-guiding system of the US military now, the interception height and the radius are generally higher. The current reconnaissance satellite and small satellite constellations are mostly on the nearland track. In fact, a large number of anti-guiding tests carried out in the United States also produce a large amount of space debris. The United States often is perfunctory with "low interception height, fragment will return to the atmosphere in weeks". In addition, the anti-satellite trial of allies is often "one eye is closed."

On March 27, 2019, India announced the first anti-satellite missile test.

The anti-satellite trial of this code "Squi-Saffi Action" shows that India can destroy 300 kilometers of satellite. This test produced a large amount of space debris. The US military tracks 270 different goals. According to simulation, this test has produced 6,500 "spatial fragments than eraser". Reuters quoted the report of India’s National Defense Research and Development, said that the debris cloud "will soon disappear", and "should fall within 45 days." The report also said that there is more than 400 kilometers of international space stations on the nearby track "no risk".

Article Source: Global Times Editor: Alexion.

Sichuan Chengdu pilot promotion dust "sky" system for 30 seconds covering the entire site foundation pit

Sichuan Chengdu pilot promotion dust "sky" system for 30 seconds covering the entire site foundation pit

People’s Network Chengdu July 15 only controls switch, green dust curtains can completely cover the entire project project around 30 seconds! Recently, in the new site constructing project department of the seventh hospital in Chengdu, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the construction site dustproof "sky" system is piloted. "The ‘Day screen’ system, that is, in the construction site of the foundation pit, it is a green dustproof net, so that the entire foundation of the pit work is a closed job space." The project leader is introduced by the love group, using dustproof Before the curtain, the construction site had two warnings due to the dust index exceeded the standard, and now there has never been a warning. According to reports, compared to traditional dustproof measures, intelligent dust-proof "Tiancou" uses national high-grade dustproof nets, and is used for assembly, in dust, noise reduction effect, labor configuration, economic benefits. There is a significant advantage.

This wisdom environmental new technology uses steel structures, steel cables, dustproof nets, matrix sprinkles and other systems, together to build a set of intelligent dust, dust-proof foundation, full-closed multi-type protective system, each support The steel shaft of the dust curtain is a spray pipe. Once the spray system is opened, the entire dust curtain is filled with water fog.

It is understood that the dusty "sky" system has now applied for 9 related patents.

It is reported that the project is the first "Tiancourse" system in the field of Chengdu, the first pilot project, and is also the largest dust curtain in the area of ??Sichuan construction engineering. (Wang Fan, intern He Wei) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia) Sharing more people see.

The tenth party congress in the Tibet Autonomous Region triggered a warm reaction in the Shannan cadres and masses: anchoring blue map to develop condensing and gathering

The tenth party congress in the Tibet Autonomous Region triggered a warm reaction in the Shannan cadres and masses: anchoring blue map to develop condensing and gathering

  From November 27th to 30th, the Tenth Congress of the Tibet Autonomous Region of the Communist Party of China was held in Lhasa. The masses of the majority of cadres in Shannan City actively pays attention to the process and related reports through newspapers, television, radio, and networks. Spirit, hot discussion development achievement, look forward to the target blueprint.

Everyone has said that in order to study the spirit of the 10th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region, I have to keep in mind, and I will encourage my strength, and I will promote the contribution of Shannan Changan and high-quality development.

  A few days ago, Shannan City held the Standing Committee (expanded) meeting of the Municipal Party Committee and conveyed the spirit of the 10th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region. The meeting requests that all departments at all levels in Shannan City must study hard, profoundly understand; seek truth and pragmatism, truthfully, strengthen leadership, carefully organize, quickly set off to learn to implement the spirit of the spirit of the 10th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region, struggle to advance Changzhi Di’an and High quality development. The leading cadres at all levels have said that we must improve the political station, profoundly understand the major practical significance and profound history of the 10th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region, take the lead in propagating the spirit of publicity conferences, take the lead in implementing the spirit of the meeting, not I stay, only The spirit, to make Shannan contribution to the "four walk in the forefront" in the district. Han Liang, the tenth party congressional meeting in the autonomous region, and Qiongjie County Party Committee, Han Liang, who presided over the county’s tenth party congressional spirit, the current, the goal is clear, the blueprint has been painted, the key is to grasp Implementation, we must focus on the work of stable, development, ecology, and strong son, unifocate the ideological action of the people of all nationalities of the county, firm confidence, fight the head, and run the small step fast, and create new developments in actual results pattern. Zhang Yubo, a member of the Power Committee of the Ministry of Working Committee in Shannan City, and Zhang Yubo, a team member of the Village, Qihaoyowi, Yankati County, said: "As a village cadre, I must lead the people in-depth party generation and implementation of the people in the autonomous region. Will be spiritual, do not forget the basis of the belief of the belief, the foot is on the ground, release life ‘heat in the grassroots stage, "in the trunk" strong state has my’ promise. "The tenth party congress of the Autonomous Region, Luo Mama Sang, the secretary of the Party Branch of Jeroppu Village, La Tsuki, returned to the village, and immediately launched the spirit of the 10th Party Ceremony of the Autonomous Region. He said: "In the past few years, with the continued increase in the investment intensity of the Party Central Committee and the District Party Committee, our village infrastructure construction has developed rapidly, and the world is getting better.

I have to implement the spirit of the tenth party congress in the autonomous region, so that the masses have households, to refuel for the masses, and do this big thing, let the spirit of the conference truly transformed into the masses to protect the sacred land, build a happy home. action. "The 10th Party Candelion in the Autonomous Region is a conference that condenses people, urged people, let me be encouraged. As a retired old cadre, I have to study hard, understand the spirit of this meeting, enhance the ‘four awareness’, firm ‘four confident’, do the ‘two maintenance’, implement the party committee of the good area Decision deployment, do not leave the party, retirement does not fade, continue to heat with the party’s cause, always listen to the party Chinese, feel the party, and go with the party. "Dan Dan is said to be said. (Editor: Once: Once you have Zhao Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Share more people to see.

Ren Politiek: baby met voedselbedrijven moet de productontwikkeling versterken (video)

Ren Politiek: baby met voedselbedrijven moet de productontwikkeling versterken (video)

Het wordt aanbevolen om de constructie van digitale informatie-infrastructuur te lezen, bevordert 5G-schaaltoepassingen, bevorder industri?le digitale transformatie, ontwikkelt slimme steden, digitale dorpen. Versnel de ontwikkeling van industrieel internet, cultiveer digitale industrie?n zoals ge?ntegreerde schakelingen, kunstmatige intelligentie, verbeter de belangrijkste software en hardwaretechnologie-innovatie en leveringscapaciteit.

2022-03-0813: 47 Maak een "toekomstige fabriek" van nieuwe generatie informatietechnologie zoals ge?ntegreerde kunstmatige intelligentie, grote gegevens, is een van de belangrijkste taken van de digitale economische systeemconstructie in de digitale hervorming van Zhejiang. 2022-03-0810: 46 Volgens de "Zhejiang Global Advanced Manufacturing Base Construction" 14e vijfjarenplan ", moet Zhejiang zich concentreren op opkomende industrie?n, zoals nieuwe generatie informatietechnologie, van plan om digitale economie, leven en gezondheid, nieuw te maken materialen en andere belangrijke gebieden Toekomstige industrie.

2022-03-0810: 45 Projectsaldo-fondsen Alle resterende projecten blijven gebruiken … "Het land heeft een reeks beleid ge?ntroduceerd, waarbij het hele budgetten wordt betrokken bij de begroting van onderzoeksfinanciering.

2022-03-0810: 42 Op de Olympische Spelen van Beijing Winter Olympics, China Sports Delegatie realiseerde "alle projectparticipatie", en bereikte de beste resultaten van de geschiedenis, en via de vakantie Olympische Spelen heeft China ‘300 miljoen mensen’ aan het doel van het doel van de ijs- en sneeuwbeweging. 2022-03-0810: 42 is gebaseerd op de noodzaak en het potentieel achter "Dubbele Carbon". De hele samenleving drukt de "vermindering van koolstof" versnellingssleutels en de lente briesje van "dubbele koolstof" wordt snel naar het noorden van Jiangnan geblazen . 2022-03-0810: 38 Alle projectbalansfondsen worden gebruikt in het project om te blijven gebruiken … "Het land heeft een reeks beleid ge?ntroduceerd, waarbij het hele budgettaire proces wordt betrokken tegen onderzoeksfinancieringsbudgetten.

2022-03-0810: 36 Wu Weiren vertelde verslaggevers dat de vierde fase van het exploratieproject in drie stappen zal worden ge?mplementeerd en het is gepland om de nummer 6e, no.7 en Chang’e 8 vóór 2030 te starten. De ontwikkeling werk is relatief soepel.

2022-03-0810: 36 Qinghai Provinciale Wetenschaps- en technologie-afdeling vestigde het "wetenschap en technologie specialistische werkstation", gericht op het provinciale wetenschap en technologie speciaal personeelsteam als het hoofdlichaam, een landelijke onderneming (co?peratie) "met een bepaalde industri?le schaal en straling rijvaardigheid combineert.

2022-03-0810: 34 De technische staf van de Guangzhou Academy of Agricultural Wetenschappen vervulde de verantwoordelijkheden van landelijke wetenschaps- en technologiespecialisten en diepgaande velden, om praktische dingen voor boeren te doen en het landelijke verblijf te helpen.

2022-03-0810: 33 Als bedrijfsexploitant houdt Wei Wei zich meestal aan de uitvoering van de mensen die bijdragen aan de vertegenwoordiger van het congres van het volk en speelde de nauwe combinatie van de bedrijfsactiviteiten van mensen. 2022-03-0810: 33 "Momenteel blijft het scenario van de digitale economische toepassingen naar voren komen, alle aspecten van de stadsontwikkeling" Liu Qingfeng is van mening dat een van de belangrijkste waarden van kunstmatige intelligentie-technologie in verplaatsing in de productie-industrie is, bevorderen productie ondernemingen om digitale transformatie te realiseren. 2022-03-0810: 32 2021, Hefei Kunstmatige inlichtingencluster Gathering ondernemingen bereikte 846, jaar-op-jaar groei%; de jaarlijkse kunstmatige intelligente industrie heeft meer dan 81,5 miljard yuan overschreden. 2022-03-0810: 31 Ter gelegenheid van de Internationale Vrouwendag, de hoofdcommissie van de Nationale Associatie van het Nationale Comité van het Permanent Comité van het Permanent Comité van het Permanent Comité van het Permanent Comité van de Chinese Science and Technology Arbeidersvereniging heeft het "National Female Science Workers-voorstel" "uitgegeven", opdracht van wetenschappelijke en technologische vrouwen tot aanhoudend, worstelen, met de kracht van het druppel, het verzamelen van de prachtige kracht van de grote oorzaak, en het verwelkomen van de twintigste overwinning van de partij.

2022-03-0809: 58 "Wang Yaping zei dat ze altijd zal hechten aan de ruimteoorzaak van hun eigen liefde, gebruik hun positieve energie om de volgende generatie verliefd op de vlucht te trekken, verliefd te worden op de ruimte, incentive, om aan te moedigen meer vrouwen om de technologische industrie in te voeren. Er wordt gemeld dat Wang Yaping deze ruimtezegeningen zal worden weergegeven door het hoofdkantoor van de Verenigde Naties op zijn offici?le website en sociale media-account.

2022-03-0809: 25 (Reporter Summer), de minister van Wetenschap en Technologie, Wang Zhigang praatte dit jaar over het nationale twee-sessies "Ministerial Channel", zei dat innovatie niet vraagt, ongeacht de staatsbedrijven en ondernemingen en ondernemingen kan innovatieve onderwerpen worden..

2022-03-0815: 23 Onlangs, Donghua University Textile Science and Technology Innovation Center Print, Syang, Ding Bin Joint Team heeft een gelaagde structuur ontwikkeld, van elastische keramische elospospinning nanofiber gasgel, die effectief verkeerslawaai kan absorberen, enz. Lage frequentieruis , help het oplossen van geluidsoverlast.

2022-03-0715: 52 Manga "One Piece", Lu Fei’s rubberen arm kan enorme energie krijgen na het uitrekken, en ga naar het moment van de tegenstander.

2022-03-0715: 51 De verslaggever heeft geleerd van het nationale observatorium van de Chinese Academy of Sciences dat het gezamenlijke onderzoeksteam op een astronomisch gebied is gebaseerd op de Guo Shoujing Telescope (Lamost) -gegevens, die een nieuwe methode voor het zoeken naar zoeken heeft gebouwd De Fairy Star (M31).

2022-03-0715: Op 5133 maanden, op de openingsvergadering van het 13e nationale volkscongres, stelde de Premier Li Keqiang voor in het werkverslag van de overheid, diepgaande implementatie van innovatieve rij-ontwikkelingsstrategie en het consolideren van de wortels van kracht. .

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